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The Business Of You

Successful entrepreneurs will tell you to find a starving crowd and maximize for profit. I say make your business an extension of yourself so you can maximize for life.

Read moreNov 18, 2023

3 Things I Learned About Success While Working At Stakd

“Gabriel, it’s official.” That’s the message Ben used to interrupt my coding flow. Meticulously planned preparation and 2 new hires to execute it. And nothing was as important as that message.

Read moreNov 13, 2023

5 Simple Steps To Get 10 Years Ahead of 77% Of People

Most jobs at regular companies suck. Here's how you can create your own path.

Read moreSep 30, 2023
Gabriel Schneider
Hi, I'm Gabriel.
Over the last decade, I obsessed with learning everything I could to make my dream life a reality.

I’m writing to help my 10 years in the past self find his way and live the life he desires.